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A Digital Opportunity Company

Moving Mountains

A digital marketing agency located in beautiful Southern Oregon. Over the last three years, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses generate a measurable, meaningful, ROI through online marketing. Today, our tight-knit team continues to explore digital opportunities, in pursuit of our overall goal of improving people’s lives by improving businesses.

What we do

traditional businesses + digital marketing

Search Engine Optimization

By search engine optimizing your website (a fancy way of saying “change how Google interprets your website, so they better value what products & services you offer”), you can get your products & services in front of potential customers who have already made the decision to seek out the products & services you offer.

Social Media Advertising

With social media advertising, we can identify, select, and then advertise to your customers with identical likes, interests, life events, and proclivities as the people who already pay you for your products & services. In a sense, social media allows you to communicate with your customers before they become your customers.

Does it work?

smart strategies = predictable results

Papa Terall’s BBQ
Moving Mountains has been working with Terall for several years now. Initially, he wanted to gain local brand awareness for his food truck, so we developed several promotional ads and in less than a week over 15,000 people viewed his promotion. Since then, Terall has continued to work with us to promote his businesses.

Apland's Auto Body
Jodie and Mike approached us in April of 2016 about search engine optimization their businesses website. Through research, we discovered a massive opportunity in the surrounding areas of Southern Oregon. Over the course of the next 2 years, we ranked Apland’s for cities services all around Southern Oregon. They recently opened a new location and they are excited about continuing to expand.

Logan's Signs and Graphics
Lisa of Logan's Signs and Graphics reached out to us hoping to reach new customers in a new location. Over the next 6 months, we ranked them #1 for over 50 keywords in her targeted area. Lisa is now strongly considering opening a second location due to the amount of calls she's getting.

Rogue Protection Group
Trista and Kelly started working with us in November of 2016 in the hopes of driving awareness for their training classes. We were able to promote awareness using targeted social media campaigns which filled the classes, and as a result, they've been working with us on and off strategically to promote projects ever since.

Better Built Construction
Werner reached out to us about SEO just after graduating college. At the time his business was just him, his dad, and one employee. We were able to rank them #1 in Google for their location & industry, and as a result they have multiple crews, are constantly busy, and our now able to turn down jobs to get more preferable work.

Grants Pass Chiropractic & Wellness Center
Dr. Welch came to us in March of 2016 looking for new patients. Over the course of the next 6 months, we ranked him for multiple back and neck pain keywords and just recently after catching up he told us 2017 was the best year he's had in his 35 years of practice.

How to start

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