Moving Mountains

A digital marketing agency located in beautiful Southern Oregon. Since January 2015, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses generate a measurable, meaningful, ROI through online marketing. Today, our tight-knit team continues to explore digital opportunities, in pursuit of our overall goal of improving people’s lives by improving businesses.

Our Team

specialized experience = predictable results

We know the algorithms because we live in them every single day. You can guarantee we are ahead of the curve, with over a 100 years of combined experience in digital marketing, always testing and always networking.
Over the years we’ve assembled & vetted a team of specialized marketing experts that drive results. Our headquarters is nestled in the mountains of beautiful southern Oregon, with many of our team members working remotely, covering 5 countries.

Joshua Fairhurst

Co-Founder | Sale Executive

Travis Causey

Co-Founder | Operations 

Taran Causey

Search Expert

Leonard Llangozi

Search Assistant

and many many other secret ninjas.

How to start

See if digital marketing works for you

01. Explore

Fill out our short form so we can get to know your business

02. Audit

We’ll do a custom website & competition audit 

03. Optimize

Then Optimize your website for its peak potential

04. Authority

Lastly, we’ll build your Trust & Authority until you’ve hit your goals

In between each of these steps, we’ll present you will results, potential and a proposal for moving forward.
No commitment. No obligations. Just results.