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The numbers confirm what you’ve always suspected: the 11th to 20th Google results get far fewer clicks compared to the 1 to 10th. In fact, around 90% of Google users only look at the first page result.

The implications are simple. If your business is not on the first page, your business is dead. Well, maybe a zombie. Just a shell of what it could be. You’re missing 90% of customers, 90% of sales, 90% of profits. You may as well close down.

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Do you have a problem? If you’re not the front page you do. Do you even know if your business is on the front page of Google. Take a baby step, and find out now with our free SEO tool:

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See how your website stacks up. Our quick SEO audit will give you an overview of the top issues that are helping or hurting your site’s performance. It provides business owners with a free, comprehensive report that examines critical SEO issues. No more guessing, arm yourself with the knowledge you need to get results.
Quick – runs in seconds

Comprehensive – covers the most important areas of your site
Action Oriented – helps you make an action plan to improve your website
Outrank the Competition – run the report on your site or your competition’s site so you can outrank them

Grade your site. Make it better. Outpace your competition.


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