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Digital Marketing Strategies

What’s stopping you from spending money on SEO? – Reddit

Question: I run a digital marketing agency which specialises in SEO and I want to know how I can market my product better. So my question to you is simple; what's stopping you from spending money on SEO? What confuses you about it? How can I market it better? What's...

Creating Custom Geofilters on Snapchat | 5 Minutes

Creating Snapchat filters is not a hard process and Snapchat has done a great job at making it that way. Here are a the exact steps: Video Below. Size Guidelines: Fun fact. you can get away with #2. We have placed filters at the very bottom and it still works. Just...

8 Common SEO Issues (and How to Troubleshoot Them)

Originally posted by the great Neil Patel here. You work for months, even years to rank for relevant keywords. And that work is done with the knowledge that there is no guarantee that your rankings will climb or even just maintain. It’s even more scary that you could...

Google Wants to Help You Get Dressed

If you dabble in peddling duds on the web, take note: Google has introduced a “Shop the Look” program for mobile that sounds like a window shopper's worst nightmare or sweetest dream. On Tuesday, Google announced the new feature, which allows anyone with a cellphone...

Facebook Messenger Day: Prepare to be Assimilated

It goes without saying that we love Facebook. Some pretty smart folks run the show over there. Not only are they smart, they are absolutely mercenary when dealing with competition in the digital social space. If they like what you're doing, they just throw a big wad...

I Feel the Need, the Need for Speed.

Talk to us, Goose. We need your guidance.

Who knew that Maverick and Goose were talking about webpage loading times back in the 80’s, but we have it on good authority that they, in fact, were.

Mother Zucker’s Dirty Little Secret

Have you ever heard of Facebook? It's this little social hub where you can make people jealous of your abs and your vacation and see pics of cats that belong to people you don't know see ads from companies that drop cookies in your browser and then relentlessly stalk...

What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

So, yo. Check it. You're just minding your own business and running your Facebook ads, and you're all, like, this is killer, brah. You're hitting 'em hard, and you're hitting 'em fast, and you're just chillin' listening to R.E.M. Everything is going well. Then, out of...

You Should Have a Good Breakdown

Let's say you're managing Facebook ads, and a stakeholder asks you how they are performing. If this causes you night terrors and cold sweats on the daily, we've got good news for you. You don't have to live like this anymore. To the uninitiated, the uninformed, and...

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