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Stop me if you’ve heard this one: So, a crime boss finally gets arrested…for shooting himself! In the testicle!

From the news report: “The son of a murdered Melbourne crime boss pulled down his pants and started crying when he thought he might die after he shot himself in the groin. A bullet grazed Omar Chaouk’s testicle after he reached into his pocket for a cigarette, accidentally shooting himself with a gun he had there…”

At this point, it would be fair to ask yourself, “What does this have to do with digital marketing?” The brief answer is, “Everything.”

Nearly every day we’re approached by small and large businesses inquiring about digital marketing services. Unfortunately, some of these same businesses say something to effect of, “We’d like to do it all, but not SEO. We don’t see the point.”

Look, here’s the straight dope: overlooking SEO as part of your comprehensive marketing strategy is just like shooting yourself in the crotch–odds are you won’t die from it, but your business will suffer, and it’s entirely likely that you’ll never be able to produce anything beautiful from that website you’ve invested so much time and money on.

See, as of May 2016, Google has indexed 60 trillion web pages, and there are 2.3 million Google searches PER SECOND. Yet, there are fewer than 20 results on the first page of a typical Google search and there are only a tiny handful that appear “above the fold” on a computer screen where approximately 60% of clicks are spent–THOSE FIRST FEW RETURNS.

In fact, “Page 1 results garnered 92 percent of all traffic from the average search, with traffic dropping off by 95 percent for Page 2” (SearchEngineWatch.com).

So, do the math. 92% of the 60 trillion web pages out there aren’t even seen.

Folks, we love you. Don’t shoot yourself in the crotch. Consider SEO when developing your 360 marketing strategy.