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It goes without saying that we love Facebook. Some pretty smart folks run the show over there. Not only are they smart, they are absolutely mercenary when dealing with competition in the digital social space. If they like what you’re doing, they just throw a big wad of cash at you and, with what we can fairly assume is an evil grin, say, “Prepare to be assimilated.”

If you refuse to sell, well, they’re not shy about stealing your idea, building it themselves, and rebranding it. Kinda like Apple. Case in point: Facebook Messenger Day, AKA Snapchat, AKA Instagram Stories. It just started rolling out in the last week or so, so you may not have seen it, but you will!

The long and short of it is you can post pics and vids in Messenger, and yes, they disappear just like Instagram Stories. (You do have some control over who gets to see them, however). And, of course, you react to content with your emoji-heart’s desire.

If you’re running a business Facebook page, you’re outta luck for the time being: Messenger and Pages don’t play well together, and your Messenger “Day” is no exception. That said, we all know that Facebook is merciless when it comes to creating ways to monetize. You can bet your bottom dollar that they will find a way to cram ads into it, just like your other sacred spaces (read: Facebook Groups). Yay, marketing ruins everything nice! You could still use your Messenger Day to shill to all of your friends like digital Amway, but you’ll soon have no friends.

We’d walk you through how to use Messenger Day, but if you’re over twelve-years-old and even modest experience with Snapchat or Instagram or, you know, Facebook, it will take you all of five seconds to figure it out.

Prepare to be eaten.