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Have you ever heard of Facebook? It’s this little social hub where you can make people jealous of your abs and your vacation and see pics of cats that belong to people you don’t know see ads from companies that drop cookies in your browser and then relentlessly stalk you with retargeting ads.

Now that you know a little about Facebook, you should probably also know that Biggie Z has a huge problemo that no one seems to be talking about. Moreover, if you’re a Facebook advertiser, you should know that if that Mother Zucker has a problem, so do you.

Facebook says it will reach maximum News Feed ad load in mid-2017, which means it needs new revenue streams to continue its revenue growth momentum that’s been going strong for years. Ramping up Instagram’s ad load and today’s launch of its new pay-per-user enterprise collaboration tool Facebook Workplace could shoulder some of the responsibility. Facebook’s also been testing new forms of Live video mid-roll ads and even Sponsored Messages from businesses in Messenger.

Did you catch that? While everyone is focused on all the other channels Facebook is going to pollute with advertising (include the walled gardens of your private FB groups), the most important message is being overlooked–Facebook will be at maximum ad load next year. THE INSATIABLE BEAST THAT IS FACEBOOK WILL BE FULL!

The implications are serious. Even an AA degree in economics should get you to the supply/demand revelation: your ads are about to get much more expensive.

There is no indication that the demand for slots in news feeds is going down, so more and more advertisers will be competing for the very real, and now very precious and limited, timeline real estate.

Time to start shifting that 2017 marketing budget around. There’s probably room available over at MySpace.


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