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At Moving Mountains, our mission is to empower business owners to focus on growing their business, while our simplified SEO services automate high-quality lead generation.


Partnership Benefits

Trusting your clients to be handled responsibly with another company can be nail biting. We promise our client care will go beyond your expectations.

  • Quarterly SEO industry updates
  • Free SEO Consulting and at cost services for your personal projects.
  • Monthly project updates for each client.
  • $100 referral fee is paid monthly for every monthly client we sign up and retain.
  • We walk our new clients through your services, introducing them to our problem-solving partners.
  • We grow your customer’s business so they need your services always.


What to Expect

It’s our mission to simplify SEO services so business owners can focus on growing their business and automate quality lead generation.

  • Assigned Project Manager – Available by phone, email, text or chat whenever the clients need to talk.
  • Pre & Post Optimization Reports
  • Monthly In-Depth KPI Reporting for Campaigns
  • 24/7 Rank Tracking Reports
  • Quarterly SEO industry updates
  • Real-time Checklist of Project Outline & Deliverables
  • Guaranteed front page results for relevant terms that will grow their company organically.


Introducing Your Clients

We value the relationship you’ve spent time to create and manage. This should never be overlooked. Let’s make this as easy as possible.

  • Schedule a call with you, your client, and Josh (Co-founder & VP of Sales) to discuss our approach at MM.
  • Work with our team to help you structure an email intro from your brand.
  • Introduce us on Social Media platforms.
  • Create an SEO service page on your website discussing our partnership and simplified approach.


Dependable Pricing

Our products are 3 price points, depending on competition and client budget.

  • Basecamp: $1,500/month
  • Ascent: $3,500/month
  • Summit: $5,500+/month

Prices reflected above are for single location contracting company with a physical location. Associated fees will be included in the proposal for companies wanting to add locations.

Additional Fees May Include:

  • Verified Google Map Location: $500
  • Landing Page Design & Copy: $1000
  • Campaign: Each location will be priced according to the level of competition and resources needed.

Let Our Success Be Your Success

When their website produces more revenue,
you’re the hero.