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You know what’s interesting? Everyone’s a social media expert. In fact, if you count to five, you’ll probably be told by five different “experts” how you’re doing it wrong. The sad truth is that many of those same experts have bought into a big, fat pack of damnable lies! And when they can’t come up with a whopper, they lean on pie charts and Venn diagrams and graphs to make their point. Problem is some of those statistics are built on the same myths.

So, we’d like to set the record straight on few of the more popular social media myths floating around in the electronic ether.

There’s marketing, and then there’s social media.
This one really chaps us. Social media is marketing. It’s not separate. It’s not an afterthought or a fun little hobby-like add-on that you may or may not get to based on how busy your marketing department is. If you have any sort of marketing strategy whatsoever, it’s missing a spoke if social is not built into the plan. It’s just that simple.

My customers don’t use social media.
Hahahahahaha. There’s, you know, a small chance that your customers are part of the more than 2 billion monthly users of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. That number goes up significantly when you add in Pinterest and Snapchat. But, you probably haven’t heard of Snapchat.

You can’t demonstrate an ROI with social.
For real? You think that? Haver you ever measured the ROI of a billboard? A radio spot? Listen, if social shines at anything, it’s reporting. The major social channels all have reporting that, when used correctly, can point to one-to-one causations (and that’s even better than correlation if you think back to your high school statistics class). Try that with your TV ad.

Only whippersnappers, youngsters, and other diminutive half-pints and runts use social media.
Nope. Just not true. In fact, 20% of Facebooks 1.6 billion users are over 55.

We could go on. There are countless other misconceptions and half-truths when it comes to social media, but the reality is that it’s just like any other marketing tool. When used correctly, it’s powerful and effective. When used poorly, it’s just one more way to waste valuable resources.

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  1. Greg Doyle

    Great Info. I appreciate your insight.

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