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Let’s say you’re managing Facebook ads, and a stakeholder asks you how they are performing. If this causes you night terrors and cold sweats on the daily, we’ve got good news for you. You don’t have to live like this anymore.

To the uninitiated, the uninformed, and the generally all-things-Facebook-ads ignorant, understanding the efficacy of various ad sets is all voodoo, intuition, hooey, juju, snake oil, tarot, and wishful thinking. And while you can get pretty far on juju, it usually let’s you down about the time you need to explain to your client where the ad budget went.

Enter Facebook. They want you to be successful because they want you to keep spending your money with them. So, here’s the tool that can save your bacon, and the one so many ad managers fail to use: Breakdown.

It’s a simple button in Ads Manager and it will tell you lickity-split what’s working and what’s not. Looks a lot like this (well, exactly like this):

"Breakdown, Go ahead and give it to me." -Tom Petty

“Breakdown, Go ahead and give it to me.” -Tom Petty

Once you’ve been running ads for a week or two, navigate to Ads Manager and click on “Breakdown.”
Age, Placement, Region & Mobile Device, and bunch of other ostensibly useful categories can be filtered, analyzed, and nerded-out over to your heart’s content. Some can even provide very important data about who is taking the actions that you are really, really ridiculously hopeful they’ll take. You don’t have to guess!

With that information in your back pocket, you can now tailor your message for very specific high-performing markets, which, of course, is critical to your relevance scores and how much Facebook is gonna ding you on your CPM or other conversions.

So, hey, breakdown tonight.


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